hey! I'm karly.

Welcome to my corner on the internet!

I'm Karly, a senior at Harvard studying computer science and math with a concurrent master's in CS. I'm also exploring philosophy, economics, writing, linguistics, and some other bits!

I'm currently:

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I did the closing keynote at the 2021 Women in Analytics Conference, and have also spoken at places including the ASU + GSV Summit, North American Tsinghua Conference, Sister Cities International, and AI4Action.

At school, I've met wonderful people while serving an incredibly passionate community of women in CS, launching a student-run/VC-backed startup incubator, organizing the world's largest student-run women in tech conference, and outlining plans for improved healthcare and SME growth in Latin America. I sometimes dance, sing, sing but in Korea, play violin, powerlift, and shoot fashion editorials. I love teaching (probability, CS, art history) and believe anyone can learn anything. Learning new languages is fun (working on Mandarin, Spanish, French, German). I'm thankful to mentors at the Cheng Fellowship, Roberts Family Fellowship, and Innovation Lab for encouraging me to mess around.

Perhaps most importantly, I think our world is overflowing with immeasurable beauty. I hope we get to notice it, create more of it, let ourselves discover wonder and awe over and over again. I love art (especially the new kind). I think holding myself to high standards is the best form of self-care. I think we should all dare to be many things and forgo the limitations of labels. I am looking for people who feel how precious this life is and chase freedom relentlessly.

"Don't be a career. The enemy of most dreams and intuitions, and one of the most dangerous and stifling concepts ever invented by humans, is the 'Career.' A career is a concept for how one is supposed to progress." ~ Steve Jobs, 1996 speech at Palo Alto High School

"Life is nothing until it is lived; but it is yours to make sense of, and the value of it is nothing else but the sense that you choose." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism

"I harbored a piercing desire for everything, for all imaginable human experiences." ~ Primo Levi, The Periodic Table

I'd love to meet you—say hello! [twitter] [linkedin] [email]